Cape Melanoma Clinic

The Cape Melanoma Clinic was started in the early 1980's by Dr Roger Strover and has run almost continuously since then. When Dr Strover retired in 2006, Dr Graham (who worked with Dr Strover in the clinic and in surgery) took over the helm. Patients are seen by Dr Graham and Dr Georgina McAdam, who is an oncologist with GVI Oncology.

Patients are encouraged to continue seeing their normal dermatologists (especially if they are candidates for mole mapping) in addition to having checks at the clinic.

The purpose of the clinic is to provide patients with a dedicated place where they can come for melanoma screening. Being able to see both a plastic surgeon and an oncologist simultaneously allows problems to be discussed at one sitting and for treatment plans to be made right away. It is also useful to be examined by two people because it is possible for the examiners to compare notes and discuss the relevance of ambiguous findings.

The melanoma clinic takes place every Thursday afternoon at Dr Graham's rooms and starts at 2 pm. To make an appointment please contact us at the rooms.

Please note: New patients need to bring as much information about their melanoma as possible (histology, scan and blood test results).